videos about anxiety

These video resources can compliment our sessions on developing resilience, talking about emotions, leadership and more!

brain basics: anxiety explained

Have you ever wondered why people feel anxious? In this video, Lee Constable teaches us some tips and strategies to help calm your 'survival brain' and 'emotional brain', as well as get your 'smart brain' back online so you can manage anxiety.



exploring anxiety & stress management (for teens)

Discover how your brain handles stress and learn practical techniques to stay calm. Explore the "fight, flight, freeze, and fawn" response, and find ways to calm your body and thoughts while activating your smart brain.



exploring emotions and strong feelings (for kids)

Our science expert Lee Constable explains why we have strong emotions. By learning about how our brain works, we can find ways to calm down when we feel overwhelmed and express our feelings in better and happier ways.



how to calm anxiety (for kids)

Check out these three practical tips to help you calm down your body, your thoughts and your emotions when you feel big emotions like anxiety and panic.



brain basics: what is a panic attack?

Panic attacks can happen to many people and feel like you’re having trouble breathing, kind of like asthma, or even a scary heart attack. Let's learn why these intense feelings happen!



brain basics: the sleep deprived brain

When you don't sleep well, it can make you feel sad, worried, and more anxious. Your brain has parts that control emotions and clear thinking, and when you stay up late, they get affected.



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Kids Helpline poster for teens
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