developing resilience

Why it’s important to have resilience, and tips for developing this skill 

Free online learning about resilience for kids

Recommended for all primary year levels. Maximum 50 students per session.

Prep-Grade 3 students will learn:

  • what is resilience 
  • how to develop resilience 
  • how challenges and difficulties are normal 
  • resilience strategies to approach situations with confidence 

Grade 4-6 students will learn:

  • why resilience is valuable
  • resilience strategies - positive, perspective, problem solve and persevere
  • how to recognise your personal qualities and achievement

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curriculum alignment & evidence base

All our topics and sessions are aligned to the Australian Schools Curriculum and based on the latest in psychoeducational research, presented by Kids Helpline counsellors.
If you require more information please contact us.


what happens on the day

Our counsellors personalise the session based on the needs of your class.
Here is an example of how a session may run.


Introduction (5 mins):

  • Interactive ice-breaker
  • Brief summary of Kids Helpline

Presentation (30 mins)

  • Presentation of key content in your chosen topic/session, including coping strategies & support options
  • Interactive learning activities (group work, video watching, games, role playing, etc.)
  • Practical application of key strategies
  • Movement/interactive breaks included as needed

Conclusion (5-10 mins)

  • Summary of session
  • Group reflection
  • Questions & answers

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Created by Kids Helpline counsellors for teachers and students

For grades 3-6
resilience worksheet
Student activity sheet to help them overcome a current difficulty/problem they are facing and identify their key resilience strategies.
Thumbnail for Resilience worksheet
For grades 3-6
resilience strategies
Detailed resilience infosheet with practical examples of positivity, perspective-taking, problem-solving and perseverance.
Resilience Strategies infosheet
For grades 4-6
problem solve with POOCH
Student worksheet that helps students solve complex problems by breaking them down into easy to follow steps.
problem solve with POOCH Worksheet

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